What areas does Potomac Serviclean clean?

We cover the general Northern Virginia area: from Alexandria all the way to Purcellville. If you’re not sure if you are considered ‘in the area’ feel free to contact us nonetheless.

What does Potomac Serviclean NOT do.

Potomac Serviclean offers further cleaning outside our standard deals that can be done for additional charge or can be negotiated with the General Manager. Contact us for further information.

What does Potomac Serviclean cleaning provide?

We offer thorough house cleaning starting from general cleaning, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms (includes bed if linens are provided), vacuuming all carpets, rugs, and hard-wood floors, wiping down windows, detailed dusting (from window blinds, corners, base boards, and so on).

What cleaning products does Potomac Serviclean use?

We use deep-cleaning products, to ensure the best cleanse in your home. Such products include: Soft Lemon Scrub, Mr. Clean, Pine Sol, Murphy’s Oil Soap, Shaklee, and Glade Carpet Odor Eliminator.

What if I have other products I want used in my home?

That’s okay. If you have a specific product you use in your home, just notify our team and we will be sure to use it for the designated area.

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